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We are Moving on!

Our next chapter is about to begin.

In two months we'll be moving to Europe

Many of you already know that this summer we were in Ocean City Maryland doing international student ministry. But for as long as we have been together our hearts have been passionate about ministry in Europe. Over the last 5 years, God has reshaped the idea of how our ministry will look and now we are moving there with passion of using our videography and storytelling talents to share what God is doing amongst the missionaries and churches all across Europe. In April we joined a missions organization called Truth Planters whose goal as a ministry is to "Plant the life-transforming truth of Jesus Christ into the hearts of people everywhere; while equipping, encouraging, and inspiring others to do the same." And they do that through church planting, street evangelism, and church discipleship. We are super excited to join them on this mission as full-time missionaries.

In order for us to be able to do this ministry we'll need people to support us both spiritually through prayer but also financially through your giving. So if you feel that God is leading you to do that please check out the links below or reach out to us directly!

We'll be updating everyone on a regular basis either through social media such as Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube or via our prayer letter so that you can keep up with all of the content we'll be producing as well as to see what life is like for us while we are going through this journey.

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