hi there.

We are a young couple living in the South and serving couples in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, and beyond!

Husband and wife. Without children or animals haha.

And here we are sharing things about us. To do that, we tell you 10 facts to get to know us a little bit more. 

1. we love God
2. we love mountains
3. our favorite trip was to Jordan in the winter of 2019
4. all together, we speak four languages (English, Hungarian, Russian and Ukrainian)

5. we absolutely love traveling!!
6. we have been to more than 30 countries
7. we love Mexican and middle eastern cuisine
8. we both have a lot of siblings 
9. we lived for over 2 years in Central Europe
10. we would love to get to know you :)


We share the same passion for photography and videography. We love to capture those little moments that are otherwise overlooked. We specialize in couples (engagement, wedding), and family events, but do not hesitate to send us a message regarding your requests.