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Where should I take my Engagement Pictures?

One of the biggest questions we get is where should we take our engagement portraits? Here are a few things to consider when choosing where to do your engagement photos as well as suggestions on when to do them:

1.) Different Seasons:

We try to schedule engagement sessions 6 – 8 months prior to the wedding day. It not only gives you enough time to order prints, but you also have time to design & mail your save the dates. The main reason is diversity. If you’re having a “winter or fall wedding” then you want to offset with spring or summer engagements. This provides diversity in colors & outfits you can wear. You want to see a difference between your engagements & your wedding portraits. You don’t necessarily want snow in both! When planning the art for your walls, you want portraits that show diversity. Capturing your engagements in a season opposite to your wedding helps give you options.

2.) Different Atmosphere:

We always recommend choosing a location that offsets your wedding day as well. If your wedding is on a ranch or in a barn, we will usually recommend a more urban, downtown setting for your engagements. The goal again is diversity in your art. You don’t want your friends asking if your portraits were all shot at the same place. If they look like the same location, you haven’t maxed your potential for amazing art! If you’re getting married downtown or a more urban location then we recommend a more outdoor atmosphere like a park.

3.) Sentimental Location:

If you have somewhere that is specifically special to you like the coffee shop where you met every week while dating, the location where you proposed, etc. then these make perfect locations for capturing your engagement portraits. Remember it’s all about your relationship & what makes you special. Always seek permission to shoot there, but they can add a more personal touch to your portraits.

The bottom line is there’s really not a bad location to shoot your engagement pictures. Think about being unique & you should be just fine. Your Photography team will know how to show the love you have for each other & it’s a chance for you to have fun & to capture Memories that you’ll Treasure for a lifetime!

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