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Wedding Videography Guide - Letter Writing

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

There are some talented brides and grooms who have a gift of writing, putting thoughts into words, and write a beautifully composed letter to their loved ones. For the rest of us, we created a little guide you can use if you are struggling with what to write. Keep in mind, that this will be implemented into your story, so don't skip on those details. :) Oh yeah, one more thing, this is just a little help to gather thoughts together, not a questionnaire, you don't want to include all of this in there, just take out whatever speaks to you. :))

What feelings and emotions do you have as this big day has come

We suggest starting with this. This is our wedding day, that you have been planning for so long, what you have been waiting for.

When you first met

Do you remember the first time you saw her? Did he enter your life like prince charming? Maybe you always knew about each other but never talked. Do you have a specific moment when you knew you are in love?

What you love about her/him

What personal traits do you find special about her/him? Maybe he can make you laugh no matter how angry or frustrated you are, or she is the best listener you have ever met. How did you know that she/he is the one, you want to marry? In what ways do you complement each other?

What are you anticipating as you start this journey called marriage

What do you want to vow? What are the obstacles you see now that you surely will have? In what ways do you want to thrive in the ups and downs? What do you looking forward to doing together?

Now all that is left is to sign it. :)

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