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Groom prep

Getting ready photos capture some of the most emotional details during the wedding day. Where a bride’s getting-ready photos are usually looked at as a must-do, the groom’s moments are just as important and should be given photographer's full attention. Here are a few reasons why groom prep is very important:

1.... A moment won't be missed

There’s no missing out on each other’s beautiful moments. Wedding day preparations are usually not seen by bride and groom because they are not together, so we always recommend that they are captured. And there are usually a lot of emotions that happen during that time especially if you wrote each other letters and we get to film you reading them! And all of those memories can be share with each other once you receive all of your photos and film!

2.... Just pure handsomeness

Photos/Videos before husband to be is completely ready, such as fixing his tie, pinning the boutonniere are very classical handsome and very important portrait for years to come(also great profile pic)

3.... Emotional time

Groom prep is an amazing opportunity to capture the groom and his groomsmen. It’s not just hanging out and having guy talks, it’s the special time of the groom’s relationship with his closest buddies/brothers and family. Portraits of the groom, dressed in his suit, awaiting the big moment and enjoying the company of his closest ones are extremely special and are absolutely irreplaceable!!!

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