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 We  Are   Tim  &  Krista 

Hi there, we are a Husband and Wife duo that absolutely Loves capturing memories that otherwise might be forgotten!!!

We believe that we are a couple for the couple! What do we mean by that? We are not just your regular Wedding photographers! We are there for you for the entire process and because we ourselves have already said our "Forever I DO's" we know what you are going through and we'll be there to help you along the way! 

Being married is one of the best things in life! Because you get to share your journey with your Bestfriend! And this is why we absolutely love what we do! As besties, we get to capture this moment that is going to be part of your journey together for the rest of your lives!!! 

We’ve been married since August of 2018, although it feels like way longer (in the most amazing way!) We are very different from each other, but also incredibly similar in so many ways and our passions and dreams are aligned and point in the same direction.


On our off days, you'll find us searching and panning out the best places to travel to on our next trip, hanging out with family, and doing small home renovations such as painting furniture! Oh yeah, and watching wedding videos on Youtube and cryinggg! 


We love meeting new people and connecting with others from all types of backgrounds.  Daily, we place our focus on our faith! We always try to help reach each other's dreams and life goals! 

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